Wrongful Death

A Wrongful Death Lawsuit is generally filed by a spouse of the person that died, or a family member.

There are several factors that determine whether or not you have a case. Who was at fault?  Was it another person, a company, a defective design, lack of warning, negligence, etc.  It is the attorney’s job to provide a feasible scenario and evidence of what happened to the victim.

Once a case can be substantiated, then the court typically looks at the “life value” of the person.  We know this may seem harsh, but if a person was in their 30′s when they died, the family has lost the potential income of the deceased for the next 35 years.  In addition, all of the medical bills, funeral costs, etc. are generally added.  A case can be made for pain and suffering of the surviving family members for their loss. If a person was elderly, and not working, then the awards and settlements tend to be less.

Filing the case needs to be handled by a competent lawyer like those at Injury Specialty Lawyers, APC.  Sometimes people envision the courtroom scenes they have seen on television and are hesitant to move forward with the lawsuit. They worry about being “put on trial” and being asked a lot of abusive questions.

Most of the time, it is just the opposite! Our attorneys understand that these can be traumatic times and  try to resolve your case ad quickly as possible. They know the importance of obtaining a fair cash settlement or award in the least time possible.

A common worry among potential clients is that you will be responsible for a lot of legal bills that are incurred during the case. The good news is that the bills are paid out of the settlement, and by the various insurance companies that are involved. If no settlement or award is obtained, you are not responsible for the costs incurred.

Sometimes, people are hesitant to hire an attorney to protect their rights. It is important to understand that when something happens to a loved one, and it was someone elses fault at any level, you need an attorney. Contact the attorneys at Injury Specialty Lawyers, APC for a free consultation regarding your rights to a fair settlement.